Mobile apps

Everytime I’m becoming more and more surprised by the power off some mobile apps. Let me explain this a little bit more.
At the moment I’m without laptop because my hard drive broke down the other day. The day after this happened I went to the apple store to get me an iPod touch. This as a replacement for a little while for my laptop I thought. But now I see that this little thing of technology is more powerfull then I ever could have imagined myself.
The first few days I installed only the most common apps on it. So for example the google application, and the facebook and myspace one.
In the beginnig I didn’t want to add them because I got really tired about the online version of facebook due to the huge amount of Ads present on the website.
But now after using it for a little bit again I have to say that I’m starting to use it again more and more
That is only the facebook application, for example I’m writing this piece with the wordpress application, so I can always write something when I want and get the inspiration.
Basically what I’ve discovered that I can do 80% of the things I do in my freetime as well mobile. This is a great avancement and I’m looking forward to the future what might be coming up.

Expect more and more blogs like this In the future, with my thoughts about these kind of things

Cheers, have a great weekend