The power of a good task manager (RememberTheMilk)

What is the power of a good task manager?
Is it extensive possibilities? Or is it that you can do your work better and more efficient?

For me at the moment is that I’ve good possibilities so I can organise, set priorities and as well that add my tasks really quick and easy.
I don’t need a program which I need to study a phd for to actual use it.

One of my favorites of lately is RememberTheMilk.
This is an Internet based program for noting down your tasks.
The positive part is that you have always access to your information, only you have a bigger problen if you are without Internet service.
This is half solved with the integration of offline functionality, for example provided with the intergration with google gear.

Furthermore there are some others ways of interaction with the program , for example with the blackberry program.

Timewise it really helps if you can organize yourself the best and the fastest way. I think this is the second program where I actually will pay for, after flickr. Normally I don’t pay for programs on the Internet but soon I’ll do it I think.

The final note fir this program is an 8 on 10.

If you need more information about Remember The Milk, have a look at