The best way to go freelance

What is the best to go freelance?
Is it still cooperate with your existing company but work on distance or is it to cut directly all your bands with the existing company and go from there?

And do time zones differ that much? For example would it be important to work in a different timezone if we are all working on the Internet anyway?

At the moment i’m working as a search engine marketing consultant, maybe in the future I would like to start something for myself. What is the best way to do this?
I would be for example quiet interested in the point that I could be working for the company on hourly basis. This in the beginning to still earn money on basis off the current relations.

Or should I say, I don’t care about it, I start my own company with on basis a well developed homepage and start from there. With some money into google adwords and the inclusion of analytics, I could be just earning decent money to live on.

And then I have my freedom about what I would like to do. Of course within the limits of the clients, but it will all depend on me.
Furthermore I could be getting into company consulting for comunication within the company. This to streamline communication flows within a company and to share the approriate information with the approriat groups. And all within the company on the internet or with local networks.

Anyway this is for the moment only a few thoughts. Let me know what you think and I’ll keep you updated about the progress on all of this.

Jaap Willem