Upcoming travels

Hello there, this is just a quick post mentioning that I’ll be a bit travelling soonish.

First next week I’ll be going for a week to holland. I’m looking forward to it, because I gonna see a bunch of family again and some friends as well I hope. 
Furthermore it’s my grandmother birthday, so I should at least try to be there. She’ll be turning 94 so that is quiet a respectable age. 
Maybe during my stay in holland I’ll be travelling a bit but nothing special.

Then in the end of October I’ll be heading to Guadalajara for a week..
I’m really looking forward to that, the only thing is the long ass travel what that will take. It’s about 20 hours in total I believe so that’s not the best thing.

Expect soonish a bunch of new pictures online from these travels, but as well from my weekend in león.

Bye bye, 
Jaap Willem