Back from holidays

Ok, so I passed already my well deserved holidays, it went faster than I actually thought.
But there are a few positive points for this holidays

One is that my mom bought a new computer, in her case a new iMac. It’s only 20 inch but what a beautiful screen I have to say. It’s really splendid. Furthermore I took hervikd computer, the old white imac with an 17 I ch screen. This is not so bad either, it is a bit slower then my MacBook but at the end the extra screen real estate is worth it.
So now I’m actually with this computer at the airport in a supermarkt bag. You have to do something funny, isn’t? Hahaha
Furthermore I got her as well a new phone, the nokia 6555 fliphone. That one is kinda sweet as well I have to say. It is a very basic phone but then it has everything she needs in a phone: east menu, good screen and good looking. Of course it’s in her favorite color, red!! Hahaha

Furthermore I had the birthday of my grandma, as usual this was filled with elderly people. So quiet boring but at least she was happy so that’s great.
Now its up for the 95 years for her. What is quiet a feat I have to say.

So now I’m at the airport again and bored out of my head because the plane have a delay of about 3 hours. What is really irritating I have to say.

Keep tuned for some new blogs soonish from me, both on personal and professional level.

Have a nice day, cheers