Mobile Apps short Rundown

Hi there guys again,

I’m happy to give up a follow up on my blog from last month about the Mobile App.

It has now been a bit longer than 1 month that I’m using extensively the mobile apps versions on my iPod Touch, basically since the software came available to download programs, and would like to give a short follow up on it.

I’ve been trying out loads of free programs, I still didn’t buy any, because I want to be sure that it actually helps me, and that my computer doesn’t get changed again, so only free for the moment.But even with these free programs I can see already a nice move towards very useful programs to the point that I’m hardly using some websites anymore..

My top 3 programs are:

Number 1: Twitterrific. This program is perfect for me to send of the tweets all the time, while I’m connected to the Internet. Especially at home I’m using it extensively, because at work I’ve been to busy to even look at my Touch, so haven’t been using it there yet as much. But it is definitely a really neat way of staying in contact quick and follow the conversations what is going on on line.

Number 2: Facebook App. Basically I’m coming back to Facebook because of this application. It is perfect not to have any ads on my screen while going quickly to the most important points among my friends. Since the update to version 2 I’m using it now twice a day, at least. To give a compensation, before I downloaded that program I was checking facebook once a week. The Facebook site though I’m not checking anymore.

Number 3: The WordPress App. Basically now when I’m in the metro I have to time to write a little bit and let my thoughts about things go out and inside this app. Maybe the quality of these thoughts are not really up to the level yet, but hey we’re working on it. I’m only beginning.. hahaha.

There are a few apps I started to use optimistic but now have been deleted.. The App wall of shame 🙂

Number 1 (the worst): Yahoo OneConnect. The idea is brilliant from this program to collect all your data together, but they really need to work on the speed of this one. It takes me 5 minutes to setup a new service while after that it’s crashing on me 2 times within 10 minutes. Not good, and I hope they will improve it soon.I’ll check back when there’s version 2 out, now I’ve deleted it for the moment.

Number 2: Last.FM program. I started to use it very optimistic but now it’s on page 5 of my screen and I don’t use it anymore the problem with it is that it’s even more difficult to find Artists and than it keeps on crashing as well. If I do something wrong with this program, I’m more than open to hear your advise for it.

Number 3: NY Times App. This one is like the other 2, it has loads of potential but for the moment the implementation is not so good. Waiting times of 2 minutes over a 20 MB connection is not good for a program to get information. Furthermore the numerous crashes are not helping neither to improve the usability.

This is a very short rundown on the top 3 Apps I’m using the most or the least at the moment, next month there will be some new programs in these lists probably because there are a few very interesting apps at the moment on my Touch and will definitely keep on testing them all the time.

If you have any comment, please let me know in the comments or on my FriendFeed Address,


Jaap Willem