Spanish food

Spanish ham, originally uploaded by Jaap Willem.

Now it is more than a year that I’m here in Spain, and I’m still quite happy with my life here.

One of the most important things in the Spanish life is the food and this is a very important part of that life, the spanish Ham, or the Jamon as they like to call it here.

In general it is a very fine cut piece of ham, with just a tad of fat. This you consume in general like a racion in a bar or a restaurant. A racion is the basic of the Spanish Tapas, a plate with ham, cheese, fish or whatever, what you combine with some bread and a glass of wine or beer.

While you are sitting with more people you all share from the same plate, and often have more plates on the table. In this way you share the food and discuss about the things in life.

For example what is the latest politcal problems and the solutions for this. Or another example is the beautiful girl or guy who just passed by, what you like in the persons or just about how good the food is. There is something with the people in Spain, that they have almost something to speak about This happens often on a louder way but still this is very important. To communicate with other persons and get to know them.

This is a small part on the Spanish food and ceremonies during the food, please let me know if you would like hat I’m touching more of these issues and beautiful things in life.

Have a nice day,