Air travel.
Since sept 11 it’s not the same anymore. Gone are the days that you had only one check and that was enough for the whole trip.
Now you have to go through 3 checks before you can board a flight. And even worse, sometimes I think it’s only to keep people busy and it looks good to have so many checks.
Today I think I experienced one off the most amazing views on that.
I came from Mexico city airport into Paris Charles de gaule airport for my connecting flight to Madrid.
When I got off board there was already a checkpoint for our passports. That was check number 1. After finishing this there was a second check just for the passports at the border. I van see the reasoning behind this as far as close up check for a plane.
After having to go to a different terminal, I have to go through the hand luggage check again. This is check number 3. Meanwhile this one takes forever because they forgot that there where a few planes arriving.
After passing this check I’m passing check number 4, which is the gate check. There we go with the passport and the boarding card again. Meanwhile we are getting into the bus, which is standing just 30 Meters behind the gate check, we have to show again our boarding pass and passport. Even more, you are not allowed to speak on the phone because they can’t see your face than for 100%. So this is check number 5. After finishing with this one we go with the bus to the plane where there’s check number 6 for your boarding ticket again.

So basically I’m experiencing 6 checks within an hour off arriving at the the airport. While I can understand the reasoning behind all these checks, I think there are at least 2 checks which could be eliminated. First is the check when you get off the airplane. If you would like to control the passengers, it is very well possible to do this at the border control. Or why would we have that one otherwise?
The second check which can get eliminated is when we enter the bus to go to the plane. This one makes no sense because we just got checked an half a minute ago.

For the others checks it is an inconvenience and it could be made more efficient to reduce the waiting times for the flights