Return to holland.

Bags used for travelings

Hello there, how are you all doing?

That have been a bit more time since last time I was in contact and writing a small post on my blog.
I do apologize for that, but since I got really busy last weeks with socializing and seeing everyone in Madrid efore I leave.
Now I’m on my to holland and in the night train Madrid — Paris.
So I do have some more time to write and think about the things what have happened last year in Madrid

It have been slightly more then a year, I arrived in Madrid on sept. 28 2007 and starting working on the first of oct.

I started working at 24/7 RealMedia with only a bit of knowledge about the company and the work they where doing. The first 3 months where a crash course into everything what had to do with search engine marketing and their bid management system called DecideDNA.
Furthermore it was back to the basics to my native language and had to write again in dutch. Even more I had to select use the most catchy phrases and keywords for the clients.
After 6 months I started to explore other ways to expand myself and received the first answer from a large company in terms of initiatives : interesting concept but not for at this moment.
I had proposed to incorporate and investigate the possibilities of mobile advertising, something they didn’t see the point of that.
The months passed by while I was more and more analyzing the work situation and discovered more and more that I had very limited chance to grow soon and in good ways within the company.

That was at the moment that I received a job offer at Netbooster Spain as search engine marketing consultant. After some talks and negotiations we came to an agreement and started to work with them the next month.

I started with them in June and accomplished many of my expectations on the points of self Independence and initiative with the client.

I started almost directly with one of the major clients, starwood hotels Iberia and Italy. I’ve had a very healthy relation with them over the time that I’ve done business with them.

In the meantime there was as well a project starting for starwood Europe what had to be set up bit this turned into a nightmare due to the following things
I was not aware in the beginnig of the size of this project and had little support from my managers.
The communication with Paris, the European account manager was from the beginning on a very difficult level. There was no connection what so ever between us, what has definitely restrained the project.
The fact that the client was not totally aware of the size of the project and the limits of the tools, what have been solved in a later stage.
As well my limited experience with projects this size have definitely helped to slow the whole progress.

But finally after some months we did arrange everything and it is all setup to go for my colleagues whom took over my work.

So on dec. 4 I left Madrid with the train to Paris with final destination holland for the moment.

I’ll be staying there until the end of Decembe
r before going to my new country, Mexico

I decided to move to Mexico in the beginning of November when I got back from Mexico visiting my girlfriend.
We both decided that living apart for more than 3 months is enough and I’ll moving there and look for some work.
I do hope that I’ll find the same type of work in Mexico , although it will be hard because the search engine marketing area is not yet developed that much. But this might indicate a very nice opportunity for me over there to be part off it when it starts.

This I’ll explain more in future blog posts, which will be much more professional oriented.