Back into the Blogging mood

Guadalajara Minerva Statue

Hello there,
Finally I’m back on my blog, i do apologize that it took such a long time.
Since the last blog post about my stay in goes, the Netherlands many things have changed.
At the moment I’m living in guadalajara mexico together with my girlfriend and we are enjoying it very much.

We have been travelling already to various places here in Mexico, to the north of Jalisco (the region we are living ) and Zacatecas, a wonderful little city a bit more up north. This city is a sure colonial city with many beautiful houses and landscape views.

For working im at the moment working on some projects to introduce online marketing and social web marketing into the marketing plans here, from companies to politicians.
I’ll be blogging more about this work and as well some travels if we decide to make some.

Furthermore i would like to invite you to visit to keep updated with the latest points on twitter and pics.

Have a great day.