Hotel Intercontinental Guadalajara

Fashion Show Andres Badi, originally uploaded by Jaap Willem.

Below standards
That is the only way of describing my experience at this hotel.
I was there for a Fashion show last week and dinner was included.

The entrance was quite well organized and the tables where nicely made, only maybe slightly small.
But then the service, what was far below the expected 4 star level what you should expect from a Intercontinental hotel. The waiters where rude and absolutely not motivated to do the work.
When there was a problem on a table, there was absolutely no initiative to solve it.
Furthermore the drinks where not onto the normal level while the food was absolutely not very fine.
The portions where very small while the chicken we had for Main course was more processed then KFC chicken.

So I would like to not recommend this hotel for any seminars or something similar due to the bad image you will be obtaining from them.