Colotlan, jalisco (mexico)

So at the end I’ll not be staying for much longer here in Guadalajara.

I like the city but on the other hand I’m quite happy as well to return to Europe.

But before I’m heading back I’ll write down a few things in several blog posts about my experiences here in Mexico and guadalajara in special. 
The first blog post will be about my experience outside guadalajara, actually during my trip to colotlan, in north Jalisco. 
It is a relative large city what does serve as well as the center of the region. 
It is best known for their leather horse riding products. Furthermore there is a large campus of the guadalajara university. As well the reason why I’m here.

So while my fiancée is teaching I came along to discover a bit of the city. 
One of my first impresions was that’s it have a small city center with roughly 2 main squares. Of course on one main square there is the principle cathedral located. On the main square you can find the city councel and the police etc. 
It have a well a cute little open air theatre dome with small benches around it.

Around here you have small shops where you can find almost everything what is necesary for the region. 
Clothing shops, butchers, bakeries, shoe shops, restaurants, banks and even small Internet shops.

On Saturdays you can find as well a small market on the streets while there is as well a larger indoor market just a few squares to the north side. 
In this open air market the most important products are clothing and food products. 
In the indoor market you can find some good food shops, although you might have some issues with your stomach later on.

As well throughout the city you can find leather shops the city is renowned for. The quality from the leather saddles and other horse riding products are high, with many of them hand made. The prices varies by products but expect to pay a good price for the high quality products.