Traditional Dancing Zapopan, Jalisco

Last weekend we went to Zapopan, Jalisco and we saw some groups performing local traditional dances.

I’ve inserted the video from that on the top, but the main question actually stayed in our minds: Is it still traditional dancing?

Definitely it is not a dance of the modern times, but neither it is a type of dance what they used to do before the Spanish invaded Mexico.

They say it is a dance from before the Spanish invasion here, but a few things don’t match:

The Dance are performed in front of an Cathedral or temple how they would like to call it.
This is definitely not a normal place to perform the dance from before the times that the Spanish invaded. Normally they would do it on a marketplace, but now it is performed on the small square in front of a catholic place.

Second is related to the first, how is it possible that the dances are supervised by a saint, since the catholic religion have been introduced in Latin America by the Spanish.

These are the two main parts, what I think is that the dances are not any more like they used to be performed, but they are sponsored by the Catholic and Local authorities to keep the tourists happy and the local people.

That is like everything, if you put a image that it’s from the older days, are humans more receptive to that idea, even when it’s not even like it used to be?

Anyway those are a few thoughts about this thing and about how you could analyse certain things what are happening around here.

Soon I’ll publish a few more thoughts, as well on the local things what are happening here and one of the main reasons we´ll soon be heading to Europe.