Mobile programs and iphone os3

This is another update on mobile applications and as well a my thoughts on the preview off the iphone os3.

Mobile applications.
Which programs do I still use and which ones don’t I use anymore?
The other day there was an article going over the Internet that most apps on the iPhone only will get used once. The second time is very rare and very few are getting used everyday.

For me, the most used programs are still the Music program and the Mail program on my iTouch. More programs I’m using on a daily basis is The Remember the Milk program and the Twitterfon.

Furthermore as well the Flick mobile page and the Friendfeed page. These are the 6 most used programs by me by far.

Then I do have the regular social media programs like Facebook, Linkedin and Hyves. Furthermore as well some games and so on. The other day I’ve been downloading a program from Oackley what is definitely interesting for Surfers and Fishermen.

The organisation from my home-screens are made simple, the first one is filled with the programs I use every day or very regularly. The second one is for Social Media, the 3rd are tools I’m using once in a while and the fourth for games and leisure.

How is your Home Screen organisation?

iPhone 3.0 software.
I think with the iPhone 3 software, finally the iPhone will become quiet interesting for me. For once the software is technically on the same level as for example Symbian software. Only the background apps won’t be running, but I’m not a big fan of the background anyway.

Furthermore one of the most interesting parts will be the Notifications and the Copy and paste.

What are your thought of these?? What are your favorite new options?

Cheers Jaap Willem