iTouch as gaming machine

Hello there,

I’m just experiencing a very interesting shift in the use for my iTouch.

Basically it’s becoming a more social place, and then not on the Internet, but in our home.

The moments when there’s nothing on the telly and we are not busy with organizing, planning or talking, are quite often shared on the iTouch.

With the games which are present on the Apple store, we have the games which are great for everyone and we also share the games. Even to play both at the same time it’s great and funny.

Then the other day we were on the road and a few little kids where travelling as well with us, so we gave them the iTouch with like 8 games on it, and they got the feeling directly. Although it was the first time that they’ve seen an iTouch or something similar, there learning curve was like 5 seconds.. I think that is the real power behind it, that everyone can use it directly and enjoy it.

Many people don’t want anymore to have to delve into 300 pages manual to get through the first level but it’s about instant gratification. I have tossed my PS2 a while ago, because I didn’t use it anymore. First the DVD player I was never using and second I got bored by almost every game.. it takes to long and just wanna have fun when I’m playing..

Just thinking, maybe it’s time to actually try out the Wii ….

I’ll let you know what else…