Tizapan, Jalisco — Mexico

Boat in the chapala Lake

Trip to Tizapan, Jalisco

This is on my ongoing blogs about my trips here in Jalisco and Mexico.

Last weekend for Easter we went to Tizapan, in the south of Jalisco.
It is very well located on the south side of the Chapala lake and surrounded by fields very usable for

The city is a fairly large village with more then 60.000 inhabitants and all ages well represented.
This is normally a problem in the smaller villages here in Mexico, where the young men in general go up
north to find a job. Up north means to the United States.

The village is living from agriculture and fishing. There is a little bit of development of tourism and so
the people are looking at you if you are a western, like: what are you doing here???
So when we arrived in Tizapan with the Bus service Jalisco del sur, we went in the evening to the small
square, what makes up the heart of the village.

There was a buzzing crowd present where they where enjoying their social talks, eating and watching
people scroll by.
Furthermore all types of people from the city where present and strolling around..
Then when the night got later, we went back home, because the next we would go to a Swimming pool.

A Swimming pool over here is more that the kids can play in the swimming pool while the parents are preparing
their food, what they’ve taken with them. Often as well there a place where you can put the meat on the
barbecue or fish and have some nice grilled meat and or fish.
As well along there where 3 pools, just to chill and do nothing. Furthermore we where very lucky that
there where just a few people in the pool, because normally during Easter there are many people

Of course I took the opportunity to actually get some tan, but not getting burned during our siesta,
what is always necessary.
In the evening we went back to the small square, as well to try the local ice cream, which is delicious
and take some more pictures.

The next day we went to Chapala.
I unfortunately think that the city is overrated for it’s popularity. It is a nice city with a nice lake front
and boulevard, but nothing to spectacular. Maybe it was that they are still busy constructing all kind of
things, but it didn’t impress.

Furthermore it’s almost impossible to get a breakfast and if you get into a restaurant, the service is very
lame. Hint, it’s next to the main church.

As well, the smaller island in the lake, where you can get a boat, is nothing to special. The
problem is that it have been touched by men, and that results in a very dirty, destroyed island. The
nature once was beautiful probably, but at the moment you can find more coke bottles and cans then
stones. And this is a shame, because they could make it a really nice island.

On the way back we passed a few very nice little villages where the people are really open and nice.
This was the final trip for our holiday and we took the bus back into Guadalajara. We were very lucky
with the traffic, because the Easter holiday traffic was getting on its way but it was still manageable.

In the end, it was a really nice holiday trip, short but interesting. As well interesting to see another part
of the Jalisco and moreover spent some time at the lake with the water.

For the pic’s, I would like to refer to my web site www.jaapwillem.com where you can find the media
and so on from this trip.