The Nokia Ovi Suite Services

The Nokia Ovi Suite Services

What is it?
The Nokia Ovi suite is a range of web based applications developed to integrate with Nokia mobile phones. it’s storing all the information in the cloud and the information can be updated from the Internet and from the mobile phone with the help of synchronisation software embedded in the phone.
In plain English: data you on your phone is getting backed up online, where you can easily access it.

Which applications does it contain?
The suite contains the standard applications like a Address book, Calendar, Task and Notes.these are transferred directly from the mobile phones. in general you can find a sync application within the tools folder.
then as extras you can share as well your pictures and videos with the share online service. then there is as well an email application online which works great with the messaging application what you can download from Nokia. and then at the end, there is the maps application what brings GPS navigation to your mobile phone.

The apps
Address book

This is probably one of the most useful parts of the services, due to the fact that you can make a back up from your contacts and have them always at hand if you are browsing on the internet. The sync is happening over the air via the build in Sync application on your Nokia mobile phone.

It is syncing as well photos and all kind of details from your contacts online, basically all the same information what you have stored in your Outlook Contacts as well.

As well you can divide your contacts as well into groups, which are then again synced back into your phone.

Calendar / Notes / Tasks

The calendar application from Nokia Ovi Suite takes the information from your phone into separate applications online. The Data shows up in the Calendar part within the different tabs. The first tab is the calendar view, with all the options to view (Daily, Weekly, Monthly and list) view what has become a standard for any calendar application. Furthermore on the left side you can quickly add a new appointment with extensive options available by clicking on the more options button.

The Notes application is located on the third tab and is displaying all the notes you have made on your phone and you have the ability to make a new one as well, which will be synchronized back again. This is the standard notes functionality what you can find as well in outlook, but don’t expect an innovative program like Evernote.

The tasks manager is the second tab and is basically the same as a task in outlook and you can add easily new notes on the web. This is basically the same as what I’ve written over the notes, it has the basic functionality included but don’t expect more, for example what you could do with Remember the Milk.


One of the interesting apps is the Email application. It does sync direct to your phone with the new Messaging application from Nokia and has a very clean interface. It is opening directly with the view of your email and on the left side the options to Write a new message, Check the Email and Address Book. Below that you can find Folders wherein can store your email’s.

In total you can store for 1 Gig on email, what is quite paltry in comparisation with Gmail and Yahoo, but will do for text email’s, don’t start to send out large files!

If you click on an email you see the email and then with a nice novelty touch, on the left side you can see the latest email’s. So you can click quickly between one and the other, or skipping a few email’s. This is an option I would like to see in more email programs.

The maximum attachments size is 10 MB and you can send almost everything. Furthermore the Spelling check contains the most used languages and some asian as well.

A disappointing point is that the Address book isn’t synced with the main address book application, but uses a separate one for the email. Since it’s not possible yet to import rapidly addresses, this is a major pain in the ass.


The maps application takes on directly the Google maps function and I have to say that they are doing a very good job. First it is more accurate, I’ve found already several times that Google maps was quite off, while Nokia Ovi Maps got it right directly.

Furthermore there is as well the option to have 3d buildings and views. You have the classic maps view, the satellite and the terrain view.

Another good point is that since Maps 3.0 you can as well synchronize your places and routes, so that you have always the correct data everywhere. The synchronization happens within the Ovi Maps application within your phone.


The Nokia Suite Share application contains Photos and files.

The photos application is one of the eldest application within the Nokia Ovi Suite and you can see that as well. It has the most options and you can store as many photos and videos as you would like.

Furthermore as well to share the photos is up to the latest possibilities with the embed and the share function. Only disappointment is that there are no statistics visible. It took Picasaweb long enough as well, so I do have faith in the future that it will be implemented here as well.

The file share function is a bit more hidden but has some nice options.

You can find it on and on the right side of the Welcome screen on

It has the option to synchronize your files from your computer to the mobile phone and that with a free capacity of 10 Gigabyte. You can see the files on the web, on your phone and from your computer.

The whole system is good implemented and it will only be improved in the future.


In short the Nokia Ovi Suite applications is a very powerful services suite, as long as you have a Nokia phone. It can definatly rival Google and Apple with the options, specially because of the price (free) and free of Advertising.

The integration between the apps can still be improved and as well the import and export functions.

The stars are the welcome screen, the colours used, the Email and the Maps application. The Calendar and Address book functions are well implemented but basically a copy of the Outlook possibilities and implemented online. Here it’s a shame that you cannot share anything, what would make it a much more social environment.

If you have a Nokia mobile phone, use it, and you will be surprised, if not, use some applications like the email and the photos applications, which are powerful, even without the mobile phone.

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