Yahoo HATES PUBLIC opinion

Now I think it’s becoming more and more official.. And I think it’s a real pity but Yahoo HATES public opinion.

I write this article with boiling blood, because Yahoo is taking more and more control over Flickr and they clearly do not understand the Flickr motivation.

Way back in the time we loved Flickr because they where cutting-edge and had a great community ..

Now the community is going down.. more and more people are moving towards other sites, like SmugMug and even Picasaweb..

From a technical point of view, few things have changed lately, the last major addition is the addition of Video.. and that only for 1:30 minutes..

Lately there’s a trend from Flickr to start to intervene into community discussions, one of the biggest fails was the Laughing clown which was similar to Obama. Now the latest is the erasing of posts and intervention within the Yahoo groups..

So I would like to refer to this article from Thomas Hawk and face the facts that Flickr soon will be a community without community..

Give it a look and share this with your friends, colleagues etc.. and stop using Flickr, there are many more interesting photo sites on the internet..

Cheers Jaap Willem

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