Apture integration on www.jaapwillem.com

Hello there,

I’m back with a short Blog post and a short note on my personal page (http://www.jaapwillem.com)

Lately i’ve been adding some points and additions to my website, mainly to make it more interactive and easier to navigate.

Frontpage: interactive extension

So on the frontpage I’ve added a very cool new extension, Apture. This extension do permit you to see rapidly some images and as well videos and my Twitter feed.

Images page: Breadcrumbs

The second change I’ve been adding is that addition of so called breadcrumbs in my Photography page. You can find it for example on my Bruges photography page and as well the update page on September images.

Comments? Shoot!!

Please let me know what you think of these additions and changes and keep tuned for some more changes soon.


Jaap Willem