Social Search: Explained

Social Search Explained

So finally we do have social search, it is showing up since this morning in my results, as you can see from the red line..

Sorry, about the trembling, but it’s that I’m just still surprised about the Apple iPad..

Anyway Social Search, what is the idea behind it?

Basically it is Google looking within your Circle of Friends to see what kind of content they have been sharing or visiting and will put it higher in the results.

It’s kinda cool to see that one of your friends give his opinion about someplace or you can see his pictures..

Social Search, when will it work?

It will work when you are logged in into your Google Account. And of course you have to integrate all your Social profiles into your Google profile to actually see it work.. It is great to get your Facebook Friends, Twitter and Friendfeed friends all together with their opinions..

Will it make a difference.

I think for the regular guy it will make a difference, because in general they intend to have their closest buddies in their profiles, so it will work fine. The question is when you are following that many companies and sites and persons on Twitter and Friendfeed for example, that the results might be changing for the Online Freaks..

What do you guys think about it?? Are you willing to put all your friends together within a Google Profile and enjoy the Social Search benefits??…

Let me know your opinion about Social Search..