Local Trends Twitter

Welcome Local Trends in Twitter

I Finally got my local trends twitter option. Wow.. I am soooo thrilled… 😀

Not really, but I think it’s a nice option for me as a Twitter user and Local news follower… Furthermore it will make place for new marketing initiatives, of course for my marketing point of view.

Mainly local companies will be benefiting from this Local Trends. How? Now you can see where the people are tweeting about in your surrounding and maybe adapt your message rapidly to include the latest trending in your local city or region.

Furthermore I see that this point will increase the use of Geo-location within Twitter, as it is an option but an option what could benefit more people day by day. Since Twitter is becoming more and more as well a news source, Local trends could be like local news in your daily newspaper. Only Realtime.

The inclusion of the Local Trends with the geo-location will twitter make more geo and local aware..

So, welcome Local Trends in my Twitter surrounding and hope you get soonish new options and places.

What are your thoughts??

Let me know in the comments..

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