The iphone, when will I buy one?

The iPhone, when will I buy one?

That is basically the major question I’m asking myself.

Every time and every version of the iPhone is better and more advanced, as well with the software.

  • Th iPhone OS3 is really well developed
  • The iPhone apps are top-notch and I’m filling my itouch every time with new apps, cause they’re so good.

Many ask me the question, why don’t you have one?

That brings me every time to the same points:

The camera.

At the moment I’m carrying a Nokia N82, yes, still that one. Basically I keep on rocking this phone purely due to his Camera possibilities. The 5 Megapixel camera has saved me already in many candid moments, beautiful moments and impressive moments. The quality is so good, that I’m leaving often my Digital Reflex camera at home without hesitation. Because I know that it’s not a problem with the phone.
Furthermore the video quality is good enough for me at the moment. I know it takes a little longer to set up this phone, for example as well the Flickr Integration, but now it’s working very well..

Then the iPhone camera. It takes 3mpix photos, which as I’ve been analysing from friends and from the Flickr page for cameras and they don’t get me to happy. The quality to share candid photos is fine, but to actually print them, or print them on a larger area, the 2mpix extra is really helping out.

The Flash is a different story. The N82 is rocking a Xenon flash while the iPhone doesn’t have one. Beside the advantage the N82 has during the night and in lowly lid areas, it’s as well very interesting during moments where it’s very well-lit. Because you can trick the camera in accepting more light then normal etc. But this is another post, more on Photography.

In short, this is one of the major problems which keep me from shifting, not only to the iPhone but all the new phone with Android and Palm inclusive.

The email app

The Email app. Apart from dreaming about a universal mailbox I do miss a big time other things in the Mail app. For example, what happened to being able to put in Bold, italic and bullet Points for example. It is not possible to have any kind of mark up in the mail app, what is a big shame. It did bring us HTML to the phone, but doesn’t allow us to go further then receiving.

Furthermore the ability for inserting photos and videos directly from within the mail app would be sweet.

The App Store

The App store. Many things have been said about it. People in general love it or hate it. I’m in the middle. IT does a very well job in organizing the information for me and giving plenty of Feedback. The quality of many apps in the App store are great. But there’s one thing what really bothers me… The censorship on apps.

It is ok that my apps are already rated in conservative way, and even worse, a conservative United States point of view. But apps should be allowed in the store when they’re technically correct and not because a certain person can’t handle a certain topic. It doesn’t matter if it’s about sexuality, religion or whatever other reason. If it’s not forbidden in the country where you are offering the app, you should allow it in a store.

It’s not anymore about what is the opinion off one person but what is legally allowed.

In the end I’m wondering if I ever will be buying the iPhone?

In the end, will I end up with an iPhone?? I would love it.. I really would love it, but in one way or another way, my mindset is changing every time more and more away from the iPhone. Now as well with the iPad, with all the issues surrounding Flash, apps etc.

I’m buying a new phone in August.. At this moment it won’t be an iPhone, but will Apple be able to win me over from now until August??