iPhone OS 4 preview and iAd

iPhone OS 4

The iPhone OS4 preview show is gone and finally multi tasking is 
getting there and more possibilities for the developers. 
Even the ability for Skype to run in the background and hello to 
spotify as well. 
If they want to launch their us access on Any good moment, this summer 
should do the trick with a brand new iPhone app.

So I’m happy about the progress for the OS 4, only now just wondering 
why my itouch ain’t supported anymore. That pisses me off. And 
furthermore the iPhone 3g is gonna to get a bloody cripled version as 
well. Not funny.

Then the new iAd platform. 
So basically apple wants to bring the mofo flash banners to the iPhone. 
But it’s all good because it’s in HTML 5. 
I earn my money with ads, but I really need to see more before getting 
really happy with that. Because at the moment what I do see a full 
screen ad coming up in the form of interactivity. 
That is what the flash always have been about on the net. 
But I’ll get back to this when I’ve tried it myself and get some more 
initial impressions.

What was your impression from this event and which part got your 
utmost attention?