Restaurant Sans Cravate — Bruges

Photographic Impressions from Sans Cravate in Bruges.

We went to Sans Cravate for a special occasion and as well to enjoy a special night out.

The restaurant

Sans Cravate is a Michelin star restaurant in Bruges, Belgium.

It’s fairly centric located in the city, still present in the old part of the city but not in the mere city centre.

Furthermore it’s located in an old house but the interior decoration is a nice mix between old and modern style, with a slight preference to modern.

The staff is professional but in normal Belgian fashion don’t expect them to be overly friendly.

The dinner

We had a special Menu because we used a gift ticket. The menu on itself was fairly extended but many people used the special menu’s, which have a good value.

The design and organisation of the plates and food was simple with a slight touch towards asian influences.

As you can see on the pictures, many different ingredients where used, but all in small quantities. I suppose this is a point what is normal for this kind of restaurants.


It was a great experience to enjoy our dinner at the Sans Cravate restaurant in Bruges. The food at the restaurant was great although with limited quantities.
That is why, my advise is the following : If you have something to celebrate it’s a good place to go, specially with the menu offers.

And in case you’re wondering, you don’t need to wear a tie.

Let me know what your experience was at this restaurant in the comments.