Trip To Luxembourg — Part 1

Luxembourg, the city…

Where is the city located and why should you go there?

Luxembourg always have been more known for their banking system then the tourism sector. Still if you go to Luxembourg everyone is asking you: Can you take some money with you for me? or Are you earning that much money?

But look at Luxembourg beyond that.. Look at the buildings left by the Romans and still standing. Look at the vast Green parks with stunning views over the Valley’s.
Then you know you got in the right corner for a holiday, a quite holiday.

The People

Furthermore the people are very friendly and very service minded. For us the moment we arrived we have had excellent service, from the moment we got off the train until the moment we hopped on.

It was only a pity that the weather was really not up to par with other days before and after our weekend. It was very cloudy and grey, with just a few ray’s off sunshine in the Saturday Afternoon..

Luxembourg Photography

But I did take the opportunity to take many landscape photographs with the intention of converting them later into beautiful panoramic photos.

So what is the point of these blog post series? It’s basically a story about the various parts of the city, both modern and historic, landscape views and urban details.

Please let me guide you through one of the most forgotten pearls from Western Europe, Luxembourg.

The Armor of Luxembourg

Armor of Luxembourg City

Waiting for the Train

Waiting for Train to Luxembourg