Tamales and Nopales

Tamales and Nopales

Tamales Plate

Nopales with Tamales

This is one of the most delicious plates for me in the Mexican cuisine.

Tamales are based upon corn with a Corn Dough and a Corn Skill, like almost 75% of the Mexican kitchen.

Furthermore they’re stiffed with various ingredients, like peppers, chicken or anything else you would like. After stiffing the Corn you should cook the tamales for at least 1 hour before the Tamale is ready.

Nopales are vegetables picked from a Cactus with for me a small comparisation with beans.
Only they are slightly more sour then these. Normally you can prepare them with cooking for a little time and mix them together with a few ingredients, for example peppers, tomatoes and Tamales :D…

If you are in Mexico you really should try it, if you’re somewhere else, good luck with finding one in a very mexican restaurant or shop.

These photos of Tamales and Nopales are edited within the Adobe Lightroom program and I’ve used only the adjustments sliders.