Photography — Way to work: The Dutch route

Way to Work — Through the South of Zeeland

Since I’m at the moment for a week in Zeeland, the south of Holland I’m going to work by car and it takes me on other ways.

Of course this is always great and I wanted to show a few details from this way and I hope you guys are enjoying it.

A large part of my route is now alongside a Canal, the Sas van Ghent canal. This canal is going from the Westerschelde sea towards Ghent, the city in Belgium.

Alongside this canal you’ll see for about 75% factories, heavy industries and transport boats. But the other 25% makes the trip actually quite worth it, specially on a beautiful day in the summer. Normally I pass by quite early in the morning so you the nature is still waking up and the air is fresh.

Expect in the near future more photos from this route and enjoy these photographs to start with 🙂

Farmer in the Field

Straws in the Morning Sun

Sas van Gent Canal