Castle in Olsene

Castle in Olsene, originally uploaded by Jaap Willem.

Beautiful Castle in Olsene, 

We went for a little ride the other day and found on our way this beautiful castle in Olsene, Belgium. 

It was a beautiful evening with the summer sun shining straight on the castle. 

What surprised me, after doing some research, is that Belgium has actually one of the highest rates of Castles on a Square Meter in Europe.. 

I can’t imagine myself why, because for example this castle in Olsene has been build in 1850 or something, so it was surely not during the golden ages from the country. 

I’ll try to get some more information about it and I’m still looking forward to visit the Castle close to Sint Martens Latem, let’s see if we can visit that one before the end of the Summer. 

If you would like to see some more photos from this Castle in Olsene, do not hesitate to visit my Flickr page..

Have a great weekend,