Eating Tamales — # 30 from Top 31 best Photos



This photograph about a Tamal I like a lot, mainly because of 2 things…

  1. It’s delicious food, Tamales, so everytime I see this photograph I remember the delicious taste and really long to it again.
  2. I like the photograph because I do think that the Depth in the shot is good. The food is focussed and sharp meanwhile the movement of the fork is a bit blurry and so is the front side of the wrapper. The eye is attracted directly to the ingredients of the plate and the center of the Tamal.

For the people who are not aware of Tamales, I would like to refer to a blogpost I made back in June about Tamales and Nopales .

And yes, there this photograph of the Tamal is there as well.

I hope you guys excuse me while I start ordering another portion of Tamales online 🙂

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