HDR Snowy Bruges — #29 from Top 31 Best Photos

HDR Bruges Frozen Canals

HDR Photograph of Froozen Canal in Bruges.

This photograph is the first of a range of photographs from Bruges. The city is amazing as the people now who’ve been there and it’s actually very difficult to take bad photographs.

But among the many from the city I’ve made a selection, this one is one of the 2 HDR photographs from the city.

I’ve used about 6 pictures to integrate it all into this one, with various stops. In total the photo was taken with an ISO 640 an the stops ranging from 1/10 to 1/640.

For me this has created this great HDR photograph where you can see the small little details on the frozen canal but as well the stones in the buildings. Unfortunatly I couldn’t make the weather better so the sky is slightly grey 🙂

This photo is part of the Top 31 2010 Best Photos taken by me, and is number 29.

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