Modern Fountain — #27 from Top 31 best Photos

Falling Water Luxembourg

Modern Fountain and Hallway in Luxembourg

This picture I took in Luxembourg, anyway famous for it’s modern and business design. That’s actually what this picture is all about, the Modern look from an office building while still giving a lot of space for negotiations.

This picture is divided for me in 3 parts, very distinctive from each other.

  1. First you have the fountain, modern styled but still with very fluid water, flowing into the pool just outside the window.
  2. Second you have 2 very business oriented and squared chairs. They’re positioned in a way that the people can talk in private, while from out side you can’t see what they’re talking about. Very great for investment banking etc.
  3. Third you have the 2 paintings on the wall in the back of the picture, these paintings are modern but very fluid and without any straight line.

The fluid water from the fountain is because of the aperture of 1/10 and 200 ISO.

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