Ghent Canals By Night — #21 of Top 31 best Photos

Ghent Canals at Night

Ghent Canals at Night

After the picture of Yesterday, The Vintage Frozen canals in Bruges, it is now time for another Belgium City, Ghent.

This picture I’ve taken in August, during the long hot summer nights in Belgium, ahum, but with the beautiful colours of the sky and the reflections into the water.

There are many canals in Ghent and often during the night there is a real great feeling and view to it. That’s why I took this photograph. Eventhough I wasn’t totally prepaired for this occasion and didn’t take my tripod with me. But nevertheless, I found a very nice bridge who helped to keep my camera steady..

Enjoy this photograph of the Ghent Canal at night and stay tuned for the next photograph.