Morning Time — #13 of the Top 31 best Photos

Morning Time

Morning Time

The morning is one of the best times to actually make photographs. This is often due to the fact that for example the Dew is still there from the night, the nature is relatively calm and the sun is not shining so bright.

That’s where this picture come into play. It’s one of the pictures I made on my way to work in Belgium. The beauty of going with my bike is that I’ve had time to actually see the nature and where needed take a few pictures.

I really like this picture because there are many ideas transformed into one. The morning sun is still a bit weak, there is a bit of morning dew and the quiet roads. It’s just like everything is preparing for a really busy day while still enjoying their morning time.

Then even more, the bad conditions of the road, both for the bike and the cars, the road signs and the reflectors on the road makes it that there area many details within this morning time photograph that you discover every time something new.

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