HDR Terrace View — #10 of the Top 31 best Photos

Luxembourg Terrace View in HDR.

This HDR photograph is from within our Hotel room which we had during our stay in Luxembourg city.

The HDR Terrace view photograph is build upon 6 different photograhs, with each of them with 2 stops aperture between each of them . It’s the first and only HDR photograph I’ve taken from a person, this is mainly because of the details involved within a photograph. But this one is just perfectly suited in my taste 🙂

Furthermore, talking about details, you can see clearly within the windows that they forgot to clean a small part of the windows, it ain’t your computer screen with the stripes on it. I hope you can enjoy this photograph as much as I do and enjoy the colours within. As well we loved the terrace with the wide view over the beautiful city and the large church tower in the middle.

Don’t forget the frosty photograph from yesterday, the number 11.