Panoramic Adolphe Bridge — #9 from Top 31 best Photos

Panoramic Adolphe Bridge

Adolphe Bridge Luxembourg Panoramic Photograph

The Adolphe Bridge is one of Luxembourg’s Main Tourist attractions and was constructed between 1900–1903.

For this panoramic photograph I used in total 11 photographs, with different layers. The first one to give a general overview of the bridge and after that 5 photographs next to each other for the upper part of the photo and after that 5 photos next to each other for the lower part.

After that I’ve made them in Photoshop, first layering the 5 upper photographs, from the road deck with the cars and after that layering the 5 lower photographs, from the wood and the trees.

With these 2 panoramic photographs ready I could create this new one, with a total image of the two parts.

The final picture has a total size of 9048×2603 px or 23Mpx, mainly because of the final cropping.

I hope you enjoy this panoramic photograph from the Adolphe Bridge in Luxembourg we’re counting down to Number 1…