HDR autumn Colours Goes — #3 of Top 31 best Photos of 2010

HDR Autumn Colours

HDR Autumn Colours in Goes

Number 3 of the best photographs of 2010 is this HDR Autumn photograph in Goes. I took this ranges of photographs to make this HDR photograph on a sunday morning. I was very lucky that it was still very very sunny, because later in the day it began to rain.

I think this photograph have all the nice things of HDR photographs in itself, the different ranges of the colours, from the yellow, gold coloured leaves in the trees to the green grass and the grey coloured road.

Furthermore there is the details within the photograph which makes it that you can see every little detail, what you normally don’t see in regular photographs.

Enjoy this HDR photograph of the Autumn colours in Goes and welcome to the top 3 best photographs of 2010.