Vintage Panoramic Bruges — #2 of Top 31 Best Photos

Vintage Panoramic Snow Ice Bruges

Vintage Panoramic Bruges Photograph.

I just love this photograph. It’s a panoramic photograph of Bruges which I’ve edited later in Adobe Lightroom to give it a vintage look.

First when I made this photograph panoramic, I though, that’s gonna be nice.. it will be a really nice photograph, only something is missing.

As usual I had exported the 6 photographs from Lightroom into Photoshop, made it panoramic and imported it back into Lightroom. Then I started playing with the adjustments of the photograph, and made it a little more vintage look. Furthermore I’ve extended already the details a little bit, what as an end result gave me this photograph.

I hope you enjoy this Panoramic Photograph from Bruges as much as I do, and we are down to number 2 in my list of Top 31 best photographs of 2010.

Stay tuned for tomorrow, the last one in the series and have a look at the yesterdays HDR photograph, Autumn colours in Goes.