Snow Landscape at Night — #1 of the Best photos at 2010

Snow Landscape at Night

Snow Landscape at night

This snow landscape at night photograph is taken in Zierikzee at the end of 2010. Yes indeed, I actually took this photograph while already making my countdown of the top 31 best Photos from 2010. Why did I make this photograph number one??

For me, one of my strongest believes in photography is the following: I believe that with every photograph you make, you get a little bit better and every photograph you make, it will be a better one then the previous. I know, it sounds very crazy but if you learn always from taking and analysing your photographs, you discover that little by little they become better and better.

I love this snow landscape at night photograph for a few reasons, one of them is because of the patterns, the other because of the details of the photograph and the last one is because it’s a snowy photograph and snow make a lot of thing a lot more photogenic.

I hope you guys enjoyed this series of the best 31 photographs of 2010, I for sure do and I would like to wish you all a very happy 2011 and keep on taking photographs 🙂


Jaap Willem