Google+ and more Google Tuesday News

Good Morning,

It seems that Tuesdays are the days that Google is on a roll to publish new projects.. So when I got home from a day off, they had launched 3 new projects in public.. Where as one is a total new Social concept around Google products..

So what are those 3 new projects you ask me? Let me give you a quick rundown..

Google + (Official Google Plus Website)

There have been a lot chatter about it this year and last year, but now finally to where ready to present it to the world.
This is the most extensive social project until now from Google. It does everything what you might expect from a social network and for once it does look good. It seems that Google + mainly consists out of 2 different parts: Social Layer on top of existing Google Services and a few new Google + services. That means that it’s not a destination where you to, but a mere collection of destinations.

At the moment, what does the Google+ consists of?

  • +Circles: This is the most important layer from Google +. With a circle you define your friend groups and contact lists and define with a circle what and how much information you share with these persons. To get a real — life example, here you define if someone is part of your friends, family or maybe your boss. And you can make sure that only your friends can see your new holiday pictures.
  • +Sparks: Sparks are automated searches. Basically it’s a remake from Google Alerts and fitted nicely in a new jacket and a bit more polished.
  • +Hangouts: For me the most interesting part, Video conferencing up to 10 persons. This all within your web browser. And the most inovative part is the fact that the person talking is always in the center and the largest video image. This could be very nice not only for friends but as well professionally it might be a great service.
  • +Mobile: Within +mobile there are 3 extra services, build upon the strength of Google expertise in mobile. The great thing is that hey have been developping not only for Android but as well native apps for iOS. The other systems can use the mobile web.
  • +Location: Based upon the Google Buzz location option, you can add a location to every post you do.
  • +Instant Upload: Get your pictures automatic to the cloud and get access to your photos from everywhere. This is a straight copy from the new Apple service Photo Stream. Only done on the web.
  • +Huddle: Group messaging powered by Google Talk and a direct competitor to Whatsapp and iMessage.

Google + is open for invitations only at the moment and they expect to expand the availability during 2011.

I just love this video of hangouts, have a look.

More information on the official Website.