Swiffy | Converts Flash to HTML5

Swiffy (http://swiffy.googlelabs.com/)

Swiffy is a new tool from Google what converts Flash to HTML5. If you are a website owner with a lot of images in Flash or banners in flash, this tool will convert the banners on the fly for the iPhone and the iPad.

So you finally have a decent option for your website without worrying to much about Flash. For the moment it happens all on the fly, that means the visitor access the site and it comes through in HTML5.

The option is mentioned of providing a greater user experience, but I think it will benefit advertizers the most. At the moment, users from iPads and iPhones can’t see Flash ads. So basically they’ll never click on the banners, what’s not good for the website owner and Google. With this, they can see and click on the ads.

So if you are in the affiliate business or whenever your site is sponsered by banners, this tool is a no-brainer, get it to work directly at your website.