Android Flickr app — improving the graph?

Finally, Flickr releases Android app.

That was about time… but I´m afraid it will be only a little bit to late.. like wayyyy tooooooooo late…

The discussions about the fact if Flickr is still relevant, specially in the light of Facebook Photos, Google+ Photos and even the small 500px …

But that is a story for another time, what will get more interesting is the Flickr camera finder stats.

Lately the line have been going very very well for the iPhone in these stats. Please see attached screenshots for the development among the cameras. What is still beyond my imagination is the total lack of any android device in these stats, except for one HTC phone.

Flickr stats top camera

Flickr stats camera phones

When you know that Android is the best selling mobile phone platform in the world, how is it possible that there is no presence on the largest photo sharing site???

Until now the main reason was that the meta data supposedly was stripped out of the photos. Some 3rd party apps in the Android market do stripe out the metadata, but they´re not the most popular photo apps though.

There are 2 very obvious reasons I could imagine myself of:

  • Android users don´t like to share their photos online (On Flickr in this case) or it is not so easy.
  • Apple users are over-sharing 🙂

Now with the official Flickr app we should see very soon an uptick within these stats, so I’ll be checking back within a few weeks. And then we can see which one of the hypothesis is correct.