Real Time & Premium Google Analytics

Real Time tracking coming to Google Analytics and for the larger enterprises we now have Google Analytics premium.

It was a busy day on the Google Analytics front, with a few nice improvements within the product.

Below you find a short rundown of the 2 new options and the links to a more extensive explanation.

Real time Google Analytics

It’s a nice little addition to Google Analytics to have real-time stats.

Until recently Google Analytics used to be like 15 min behind. This was for most cases enough. Especially because in my opinion, Google Analytics is a tool to help you make decisions and visualize some patterns. That’s why I don’t see that much of an added benefit in real-time.

I still have doubts ab the new option from google analytics but I think a very few moments to actually pay attention to. For example if you want to check if the Analytics tag is installed correctly… Many people are talking as well about Social Media engagement.. let´s see if that will improve anything…

The main problem I see is that it´s not easier to get lost in the moment and lose sight of the overall picture… Time will tell… Read more about the Real Time Tracking at the Real Time Google Analytics announcement

Google analytics premium

Quiet a large sum of money for Google Analytics. 111,086.43€ / year. But with some bragging rights… Still I don´t think this will keep Omniture and Webtrends awake the whole night….
Visit the blog post to learn more: Google Analytics Premium announcement