Google+ Photographer´s Conference: Great news

The Google+ Photographer´s conference in San Francisco..

It looks very very promising and a shame it´s not close to where I live … But if you live close, this is definatly a great seminar to go to, even when you don´t like to use Google Plus but are very into the Social Media. Plenty of things to learn.

Check out some of the amazing conference speakers:

  • Scott Kelby
  • Trey Ratcliff
  • Catharine Hall
  • Guy Kawasaki
  • And many..many more…

The positive side is :

From the Q&A on the Scott Kelby Blog

Q. If I can’t make it to the Conference, will the sessions be broadcast?
A. Absolutely, but even better than that, the main conference sessions will all be broadcast LIVE as Google+ OnAir Hangouts for FREE (thanks to the folks at Google for that!!!). Also, the sessions will be archived so if you miss the live broadcasts, you can still catch the sessions when you can.