Parenting without punishment

A few years ago I got send this PDF what makes a very good read and learning. The only thing I would like to add is that punishment is not only physical but as well mentally.

Parenting without punishment PDF and the Spanish version

1. It teaches that violence & intimidation is the way to power, control, respect & maturity*
2. It produces feelings of resentment & rage; it turns children into bullies
3. It makes the child feel guilty & unworthy; undermines self-esteem
4. It prevents the child from maturing, & accepting responsibility
5. It kills spontaneity, humor, good will, & the joy of childhood
6. It diminishes the ability & capacity to love
7. It psychologically binds the child to the punisher in a guilt bond, destroying
independence & breaking spirit
8. It undermines courage & confidence, causes timidity & cowardice
9. It induces fear & anxiety, usually life-long
10. It deprives the child of the experience of freedom, & the right to a happy

(Via The Norm Letter #4
June 2012.)
and (Via Amar Y Crecer.)

Something what is very important to me, is that I’m trying everyday to treat my kids with respect and dignity. There’s always a non-violent solution, both physical and mental violence should be banned.

I`m actually very ashamed that only since 2007 children are protected from hitting, spanking and punishment in the Netherlands. We should have been the FIRST.