Today is a black day for your internet privacy

Today (Friday Oct 11, 2013) is a kinda black day for your internet privacy and your image rights.

The website you use everyday will become soon much more public again and personal.

First this morning there was the news that Facebook has overruled for the umpteenth time your own privacy settings and now everyone will be searchable
This change will make your profile photograph and your cover photograph public.

Facebook change privacy settings notificiation

So if you wanted to stay excluded out of the Facebook search engine or the Graph search, tough luck. There is no setting to keep yourself private, only maybe changing your name on Facebook?

See more options to stay private at the Techhive page

Second is that Google will change their Terms of Service to include your image and name in Ads. So don´t be surprised that soon you´ll start to see friends in ads and that you gonna get a call from friends: “Hey, I saw that you liked that company, you should change your avatar by the way”

Personal google ads picture

Thankfully there is still an opt-out, so if you would like to opt-out, please visit this page.

I think it´s becoming more and more clear that if you want to use the internet, don´t expect any kind of privacy or pay for the service you want to use.