Windows 8.1 Install failed: Windows encountered an error and has to cancel the installation

Windows RT 8.1 update temporarily pulled due to a “situation” | Ars Technica

“The problem appears to be that the update is damaging certain boot data, causing affected machines to blue screen on startup. The issue is recoverable if you’ve created a recovery USB key (or have access to a machine that can create one), but Microsoft currently appears to have no easy way to create a suitable USB key from non-ARM machines.

To call this embarrassing for Microsoft is something of an understatement. While x86 PCs have extraordinary diversity, in terms of hardware, software, and drivers — all things that can prevent straightforward upgrading — the Windows RT devices are extremely limited in this regard. Upgrading Windows RT tablets should be absolutely bulletproof. It’s very disappointing that it isn’t.”

So basically the old fashioned windows installation errors and this time without any reasonable good way of fixing it. Well done Microsoft, good to see that you´re still the old one 🙂 Idiots