Virgin America Safety Video — Remixed & Awesome

For sure the coolest airline in the world by looking at this video.

How to change a boring video into an immersive and engaging experience? If they can do this for safety videos, what can you do for your product?

Virgin America Safety Video — Remixed & Awesome

Experience is design and no airline exemplifies that better than Virgin America, which is by far the coolest airline in the US. This new safety video only reinforces my argument, that when as a brand you know your story and can translate that narrative into your products and services, you find that you have happy and loyal customers.

Directed by Hollywood director Jon M. Chu, the video’s dancers, singers and choreographers include alum from American Idol and So You Think You Can Dance. ’ the airline is giving travelers the opportunity to be cast in a future version of the Safety Video shown on flights nationwide by submitting their own freestyle ‘#VXsafetydance’ moves via Instagram video! (to enter: