An Unbranded Life

An Unbranded Life

In reality, you don’t need a brand or brand association to define yourself. What it needs is awareness of self, willingness to be different and break from the pack. It also means, one needs to whittle down things one needs to own, find one’s level of greed.

As I have found that when you start making stark choices on what you want and what you don’t, you start to make the branding invisible. That said, I am three steps into this mile long journey.

As a marketeer I´m not agreeing with his point of view. But I do think that a minority is becoming more and more vocal on this topic and I welcome the discussion this brings.

There are a lot of different types of advertising and they tend to be more “In Your Face” as the market is becoming more saturated and brands can´t or won´t distinguish itself only on uniqueness.

A fine example nowadays is the tech industry, where Samsung is outbidding everyone for marketing and is even outspending CocaCola. Hence their success.