A modal overlay on your site? I’m closing my tab! Or slap the sh*t out of you

What I wanna do if you show me a tab:


The Value of Content — I. M. H. O. — Medium:

“Conversions are not people. If you want the whole story here you should also be sat in a room testing this modal overlay with real people.”

It’s something what is very hard to accept online but: the best way to get happy visitors / clients is getting what they want in the fastest and most direct way possible. Without any hurdles on the way.

  • So if your business is in content, give them the content and they will be merry (To stay in the current holiday season mood)
  • If your business is e-commerce, get them to your products ASAP and let them check out even faster. My credo for this is: Stay as long as you want on the site, but when you go to step 2 of the shopping bag I want you to get out of the site ASAP. With your order complemented and great after sales service.

And a good way is always to imagine yourself that your website a big shop or an information point, you would like to have someone popping up every fucking 10 seconds with another banner for a promotion or asking for your email.