#EPNStop. 11 actions to stop Peña Nieto #LeyTelecom

#LeyTelecom is the mexican version of the SOPA and the ACTA.

The LeyTelecom was (is hidden away) a law designed to control and censor the internet in Mexico. This would basically let the government exercise a total control over the content of the mexican internet and filter the information which is not in their benefit.

How are would they be able to take it? Think the SOPA and ACTA laws, multiply with 10 and then you have about the scope of the law. At the moment most of the media is already controlled through the government (Televisa and TV Azteca) and the government has a real issue with the liberty of the internet.

So there was a massive internet outcry before the 28th of March and then on the 28th of March a demonstration was held in Mexico City. 
Of course this is not reported by the “traditional media”.

This situation is not unique to Mexico, Turkey’s president wanted to ban and banned Twitter, Spain has some serious issues with internet freedom and even in France they rather have more control over the digital communications.

What can you do to counter these issues? 
1. Inform yourself about the censorship topic and the position of your local government about it. 
2. Please share about this topic. 
3. Discuss.
4. Act and support the freedom of the internet.

I’ll leave you guys with a few links to start
* #111mx
* Avaaz.org

▶ The fight continues in Mexico #EPNStop. 11 actions to stop Peña Nieto — YouTube: “